Exchange It Online does not support any illegal money. Following the rules of your country is strongly recommended.

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AML and KYC Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML)

Money laundering is the process of converting money that was received in the framework of illegal activities (by terrorism, corruption, drug dealing, illegal gambling including but not limited to sports betting and/or binary options trading, hacking, etc.) with hiding its true source into legal investments.

Exchange It Online Exchanger Limited company, as an organization working in the field of electronic currency exchange, strictly adheres to the rules and principles of combating money laundering (AML).

The AML policy implies a restriction on the use of Exchange It Online’s services by any entities with the purpose of money laundering, terrorist financing or any other illegal activity related to the sale of weapons, people, child pornography, drugs, etc.

Following actions are taken to prevent money laundering:

1. We conduct the process of verification of the client’s identity and personal information and monitor all transactions made by customers.
2. Our team traces all suspicious operations of users and also those made under irregular circumstances.
3. If our company suspects the illegal activity or money laundering, it has the full right to cancel such transaction at any step.
4. According to the international law, Exchange It Online is not obligated to give customer any notifications about suspicion in the user’s criminal actions.
5. Such company’s actions are based on the AML FATF references.

To prevent the suspicious operations and verify the client’s identity, the team of our company has the right to updаte its electronic system on the regular basis according to new regulations (if those appear). We also arrange various trainings for our staff for improving the methods of struggle against money laundering.

List of the Required and Supported Documents:

Following documents can be submitted during the verification process at

Identity Verification:

Government issued International Passport
Government issued Identity Card
Government issued Driving License
Selfie with an Identity Document

Address Verification:

Utility bill or Bank Statement (Document should not be older than 90 Days).
Paper versions or electronic versions are allowed.

Additional Verification Documents:

Photo of Credit Card (in specific cases, only when making a payment with your Debit/Credit Cards)
Selfie with Credit Card (in specific cases, only when making a payment with your Debit/Credit Cards)
Photo with printed or handwritten declaration (in specific cases, for high amounts)

Please note: All required documents should be provided in good quality, all texts should be readable without any edit or moderation. Any document modifications will result in unsuccessful verification.

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